Since high school, my main interest has been astronomy (please don't confuse it with astrology which is absolute quackery) and night sky observing, both visual and photographic.

I have two main specializations, deep sky astronomy and variable star observing. The former is focused on observing of galaxies, nebulae and other deep sky objects (DSO). These objects are especially challenging for observers due to their low brightness and fuzziness. On the other hand, once you spot them, it's very satisfying – you can explore the dust structures in vast star-birth regions, billion-star spiral arms of galaxies and dark lagoons inside tiny planetary nebulae, remnants of dying stars.

Unlike deep sky objects, variable stars look often almost identical on the first sight and their observing is nowadays done almost exclusively with digital imaging techniques. The telescope is equiped with CCD camera (optionally with filters) and powered mount that follows the selected star throughout the night. At the end of the night you get a set of hundreds of images and once you process them, you have a light curve – graph showing change of star brightness in time. From the graph (more from a lot of them!) you can determine the type of variability, origin of variability (eclipses, pulsations, multiple star system, black hole, ...) and even discover a new variable star – I've had a luck to catch a two of them :)

I'm a proud member of the Czech Astronomical Society.


Aside from astronomy, most of my spare time is dedicated to flying, particularly with unpowered aircrafts, so called gliders/sailplanes. I obtained my pilot license in autumn 2015 in AK Hodkovice and I look forward to some great cross-country flights in next seasons!