Are you looking for my previous work experience and education?
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Coding and Programming

I am mostly self-taught aspiring front-end developer with expertise in HTML5 and CSS3, basics of Javascript/jQuery and experience with PHP (Nette framework) and SQL/MySQL. I aim for responsivity and use CSS preprocessors (Less/Sass) and Grunt.js in development.

Although oriented on web development, I am also familiar with programming in C and Shell scripting.

GitHub – Nette based project, my responsibility was complete design and coding of the front-end and about 20% of back-end programming.

Desktop Publishing

I have experience in preparation of numerous promotional materials in various styles, ranging from largely graphical and visually striking works such as leaflets, banners and rollups, to mainly textual – articles, reports, books.

I create with Adobe InDesign, LyX (LaTeX-based document processor), Inkscape, GIMP and other software.

GIS and field research, light pollution expert

Satellite image processing and analysis in ArcGIS, field research and measurements on the topic of night environment protection, including popularization and reports for public organizations. Participation in international conferences on artificial light at night, talks with local and regional decision-makers, technological experts and press.

Project Realization and Fundraising

I have been a member and leader of several projects with full responsibility for their funding, realization and administration. More on particular projects.



Holder of the IELTS Certificate Band 8.0, which is equivalent to C1 level of Common European Framework.


Graduate of B2 level professional language course at Technische Universität Berlin.